Avoid these easy-to-guess PIN numbers

A list of some of the most easily guessed — and absolutely worst – PIN numbers ever.

43143332 - credit card payment, buy and sell products & serviceDid you know that most people use PIN numbers that are easy to guess within a matter of minutes? That makes it super easy for a thief to use your cards if your wallet is ever stolen. Here are some of the most commonly guessed passwords you’ll want to avoid:

Two-number combinations. Don’t use combinations such as 4545, 1212, 1313 and so on.

Your birth date. Easy to remember, but if you lose your wallet, a thief has access to your birth date from your driver’s license. Don’t use birthdays of your children or any year from 1950 on or an anniversary date. And make sure to avoid the last four digits of your Social Security number.

The same number repeated. Don’t use 0000, 1111, 2222 and so on.

The ever-popular 1234. Don’t even think about it!

Your street or apartment number. This information also is available to thieves should you lose your wallet. You’ll also want to avoid the last four digits of your phone number or your license plate number.


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