Do you really have to spend a fortune on a wedding?

Your wedding is just that--your wedding! You can make it memorable without going into deep debt. Check out these tips to cut back on wedding expenses:l

46692893_MIf you have a wedding in your future, you may be nervous about the high cost of a ceremony and all that accompanies it — the pre-parties and the reception afterward. The good news is you don’t have to go into debt to have a memorable and enjoyable wedding. It is all about setting priorities with your partner, as well as careful planning and budgeting.

Here are a few ideas for you to save on your wedding, so you can relax and enjoy your big day!

#1) Accept help where help is offered. How many of your friends and family volunteered to help plan your wedding once they heard the good news? Don’t be afraid to give up a little control if controlling every minute detail is not a necessity for you. Did your roommate from college offer to DJ? Let him! Do you have an aunt who loves to do floral arrangements? Why not let her showcase her skills? Don’t be afraid to accept help. It can ease stress and also save you a ton of money.

#2) Nix the wedding favors. Let’s be honest. Wedding favors are a nice gesture, but most of your guests will not hang on to them for long, if at all. Save this money and put it toward buying the members of your wedding party a small but thoughtful token of appreciation for being part of your special day. If you feel you must provide a favor of some sort for all your guests, consider edibles that are less expensive and more likely to be used, such as personalized chocolates, cocoa, tea packets, margarita mix, etc.

#3) Rent your wedding dress. Yes, the dress is a very important part of the wedding! It is your special day and you both want the bride to have the perfect dress. It is okay to splurge on this item, but if it is not important for you to hang on to the dress forever; consider renting a dress. It’s tons cheaper to rent and it is a huge wedding expense you can eliminate.

It is your wedding and you can make it special regardless of how much money you decide to spend. Begin your marriage free of the burden of wedding debt! http://1stax.com/


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