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How would you like to spend 54 hours: taking an unforgettable trip with your family, tackling a big household project or perhaps learning a new skill?


Whatever your ideal way to spend 54 hours – the equivalent of a work week with overtime – it’s likely that your answer didn’t include doing your personal taxes. The sad truth is that’s what the average American taxpayer spent last year completing their individual return, according to a study from American Action Forum. (Companies spent 275 hours each to complete their tax paperwork, according to the same study.) This weeklong endeavor included time spent rifling through paperwork and preparing the return forms.

Everyday life is full of routines, obligations and errands. If you’re lucky, there are a few sweet moments in between the mayhem to relax and connect with the people and things that bring meaning to your world. The right tax team can save you the time and headache associated with completing your return while giving you peace of mind that your taxes are done right.

This tax season, leave the taxes to the professionals and take your life back.

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