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Tax Preparation

Although tax preparation is just one of the many services we offer, it is the majority of our business, and we love doing taxes more than anyone should. We take great pride in the expertise of our tax preparers and the training they receive. After your tax return is prepared during your visit, our president and CPA Tim Stuart personally reviews each and every tax return before it is submitted. We will make sure you get the maximum possible refund.


Bookkeeping is a very important and time-consuming part of running your business. We can free up your time so you can more effectively manage your business. When we keep your books for your company, you will find that your business tax return will go so much more smoothly. You have enough to worry about with your own business. Why bother with bookkeeping?


Starting your own business? This is a very courageous move, and we would love to help you through this new endeavor. As you will find, there is a lot that goes into starting a business, and we can make sure your business is set up the right way from the beginning, including incorporation, bookkeeping, payroll, and all other ancillary services associated with the start of your business.


The payroll process is laborious and robs you of precious time that you could otherwise spend managing your business. We have the expertise to prepare your payroll and pay your employees in a timely manner. We handle every aspect of payroll including payroll preparation, direct deposit or manual paychecks for both employees and independent contractors, and timely reporting with federal and state authorities.


We provide assistance in all areas of service that we offer. Give us a call, and we will help you with whatever you need. And if we don’t offer it here, ask us anyway. As Tim always says, he “knows a guy”.

Audit Assistance

Statistically, less than one half of one percent of income tax returns get examined by the IRS. In the unlikely event your return is selected for examination, we will provide assistance through every step of the examination process. This includes, among other things, meeting and negotiating with the Internal Revenue Service to reach the best possible solution.


We partner with several mortgage brokers to assist you in obtaining the home of your dreams.


We partner with Andy Khoo. His investment services include IRAs, all forms of self-employed retirement, investment planning, and investment managment so that you can maximize your investment returns.