The check’s in the mail

Imagine this: we’ve done your taxes, and you’re owed a refund. Congrats! But before you put the car in drive and head to your favorite retailer, consider putting your refund to work for you:
25393233 - pile of cash - dollars

  • Pay off debt. Got a bill that could be gotten rid of with your refund? Save the interest, pay it off and enjoy the rest of the year without the debt.
  • Protect your real estate investment. Does your house have a fix-it list? Knock a few items off with this found money and protect the equity in your home.
  • Invest in your retirement. We can all do a little more to save for retirement. Why not boost your accounts with an infusion of cash?

We know adulting isn’t always the fun route, but your future self will thank you for making the right call with your tax windfall.

If investing is the best choice for you, we can help. Our partner Andy Khoo can help you create and act on the best investment strategy for your unique situation. Contact us today for an introduction.